Our service

With our wealth of experience we know what customers need and we know how to manage a project so that it runs smoothly, in good time, and without exceeding agreed budget parameters. Our services are designed to make creating your new kitchen, bathroom or extension a stress free experience. Projects start at £10,000, including a comprehensive quote, technical survey, project management, the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Our services are designed to take the stress out of busy clients’ home improvement projects, allowing them to focus on their priorities while we get on with ours; creating our clients that perfect space.

The Home Visit

To enable us to create a cost effective space for you that will work for your circumstances and needs, we will first need to visit your home. This will enable one of our designers to look at the space in question, ascertain your requirements and advise on options according to their extensive experience. Once you have agreed on the changes that you would like the team to make for you, the cost of the home visit will be deducted from your final quote.

The Technical Survey

Prior to any work being carried out we will undertake a technical survey, if necessary. This will ascertain the positioning and proposed location of fixtures and fittings,  pipes and wires so that we may anticipate and plan for potential issues and do all that we can to make sure that the project continues in a timely, cost effective fashion.

The Project Management

At Optimum Homes we have seen the stress and fatigue that can arise when a customer project manages themself.  With the best will in the world, and endless research, someone untrained and inexperienced in renovation and building will not be able to comprehensively manage their own remodelling without a few nasty surprises along the way. With Optimum homes, clients agree on a design at the amount quoted and, because we are professionals, we will not have overlooked materials, or failed to account for hidden costs.

In the event that additional work is required due to circumstance that could not have been foreseen we will ensure that we consult the customer at the earliest possible time and present them with all possible options.

Peace Of Mind

When you choose Optimum Homes you choose quality, longevity, peace of mind.

Our customers choose Optimum Homes because they have vision, taste, demand the best, but do not necessarily have the time to oversee things themselves.